20 Best TV Shows Of 2017

20. Blue Planet II

Blue Planet 2

There were lots of shows with intense drama, wonderful humour, and great characters that didn't quite make the cut this year, and the reason is they were beaten out by real life.

Blue Planet II never quite matched the heights of last year's Planet Earth II, but it's still a stunning achievement of technology, research, and exploration, and of course the narration of national treasure and all around best person alive David Attenborough certainly helps.

It allowed viewers to go via television where they simply cannot in life, in a sense offering escapism while furthering our understanding of the waters that make up so much of our planet and providing an astonishing look at the wonders of nature.

The chase between an eel, octopus, and crab was enthralling; a whale carrying its dead calf devastating; the Bobbit worm terrifying; all of it majestic, and beautifully presented thanks to the technological leaps made since the original series and Hans Zimmer's score.

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