20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About South Park

Wait, George Clooney guest starred as a dog?

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South Park is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed cartoons of all time, yet it's still made by two dudes who throw together each episode a few days before it airs. The behind the scenes of a typical episode of South Park are so freaking insane that it's nearly as entertaining as anything in the actual show. They basically approach South Park like you approached term papers in college.

That frantic schedule only makes the series' production more interesting, and after 20 seasons, there are dozens of fascinating stories behind nearly every decision Trey Parker and Matt Stone have made. A whole lot of episodes very nearly didn't happen because they were so controversial, and you'll be surprised to learn that some iconic moments were things the creators just kind of stumbled upon and barely even remember doing...

20. There's An Episode Trey Parker And Matt Stone Don't Remember Making

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The production of South Park is notoriously crazy, especially around the time that the feature film was in the works. As a result of that frantic schedule and after hundreds and hundreds of hours of content, there's an episode they don't even remember making.

On the commentary for the Season 3 episode Sexual Harassment Panda, Parker and Stone said that they were so tired after making the South Park movie, which they did while still working on Season 3, that they have no memory of this episode.

"This was...definitely at the time when we were at the end of our rope," Trey Parker says. "At this point, the movie was a couple of weeks from coming out, and we were stressed out about that...We don't remember doing these shows at all. It was like a dream state." Matt Stone continues by saying, "You're looking at very delusionary writing."

This happens to be a lot of people's least favorite episode, but although they barely remember making it, Parker and Stone still do defend Sexual Harassment Panda on the commentary as being pretty funny. If only they could remember what the hell they were thinking at the time.

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