20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Twin Peaks

Steven Spielberg nearly did an episode. ET would've fitted in at the Black Lodge...

It looked like that show you liked was coming back into style. David Lynch looked downright prophetic when it was announced that Twin Peaks would finally be making a return to our screens in 2016, 25 years after the show was unceremoniously cancelled, ending on one of the biggest cliffhangers in television history - coupled with a promise from one of its characters, in one of many surreal scenes in the show, that she would see us again "in twenty five years". Spooky, right? Turns out that Laura Palmer was mistaken in that instance, though. Well, probably anyway. Both new fans (who've picked up the show thanks to Tumblr's propensity for borrowed nineties nostalgia) and the original viewers were equally dismayed when, this week, it turned out that David Lynch had left the project, after Showtime apparently wouldn't commit to a necessary budget for the eight episode miniseries they'd announced. What constitutes a necessary budget to Lynch remains as much a mystery as...well, anything involving Lynch, but even with his cast rallying around him, it may well turn out Twin Peaks continues to be marooned in the Black Lodge. No matter €“ we still have the original series, with its quirky set of characters, weird sense of humour, slightly naff sub-plots and that supremely dark ending. A new series might've spoilt that. But if it's new stories in the Northwest Passage that you're clamouring for, don't worry €“ there are still plenty of mysteries in that small lumber town than who killed Laura Palmer. And you might not have even known they existed until now. From secret origins to celebrity fans, here are twenty mind-blowing facts you never knew about Twin Peaks.
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