4 TV Show Genres That Need To Disappear

As television makes progress through the years, we’ve seen some genres that are adding up to the current ones that are…

Alejandro Montanaro


As television makes progress through the years, we’ve seen some genres that are adding up to the current ones that are shown now on the media. And while some of these ones are really good, some of them are nothing but complete trash, that do nothing but contaminate our intelligence and destroy the media. There are also some old ones that are dying, but refuse to do so, and while still trying to maintain themselves along the years and, “reinvent” themselves, they’re not doing anything in order to actually change the genre and keep it alive.

Why should we keep feeding these beasts? What assures us that the next series that belongs to them would be different? I mean, just think about it, we’ve let some good series and some good concepts on TV die even though they’re really good; why are we letting these things keep happening? Is it because people are afraid of change? Watching something new would hurt the audience’s brain, so they have to keep doing the same trash year after year?

I mean, just ask yourselves this question; when was the last time you saw a game changer on TV? Sure, there are still some good shows out there and once in a while you actually see one that is worth watching. However, for the most part these shows are nothing but complete garbage. This isn’t a list mentioning shows that are considered by many an abomination; sure, that plays a big role in it, but in the end they’re nothing but the result of something that shouldn’t be existing anymore. This is a list of 4 genres that are doing nothing but poisoning television, and I’m really sure that if we got rid of them, TV would be a much, much better place to find entertainment.



4. Sitcoms


Sitcoms have been on TV for more than 50 years now. Since I Love Lucy in the 50’s we’ve been flooded with thousands and thousands and thousands of series that are nothing more than a rehash of the rehash of the rehash. Nothing new has been added to the genre, and if you pay enough attention, you’ll see the pattern. With something like that, that just keeps repeating itself over and over again in an endless cycle of stupidity and neglect on the part of the TV companies, you might wonder “Then why do they keep making them?”

As I mentioned earlier in this article, people are afraid of change. When something new comes up they instantly reject it; since it’s nothing they’re used to they often believe it to be something of smaller quality than it really is. And once we found out how awesome that thing was, it’s too late, and said programs remain as a simple reminder of what happens when someone tries to do something that the world isn’t ready for yet. The irony comes from the fact that once that program is cancelled and there’s no opportunity to see it back on TV, suddenly it gains a big and loyal fanbase.

There is another reason why TV producers keep making this crap. It’s the cheapest way to produce content without spending too much money or putting effort into it. Just pay a couple of actors to overact with the excuse of being “whimsical” and “funny” and a couple of lazy screenwriters to write a script with as many jokes they can put in, no matter how little sense they make as long as common audiences find them funny. And if it doesn’t work, try reusing the same trends that were popular a couple of years ago. Don’t believe me? Just look at Sheldon for a moment and tell me he doesn’t reminds you of someone.

I’ll give you a clue. Nerdy character that began as a side character but somehow got insanely popular and now pretty much every episode is centered around his antics with the rest of the characters as side ones. Still doesn’t ring a bell? Let’s try a different approach: Who is the next character?

It is the exact same freaking character! Let’s analyse this for a moment: both characters started as side characters for the main plot but along the way they both became insanely popular, pretty much becoming the center of the show. Both characters have catchphrases that became their staple (Sheldon with “Bazzinga” and Urkel with “Did I do That?”) and most likely people will forget Sheldon the same way people have forgotten about Steve Urkel. Face the truth: Sheldon Cooper is this generation’s Steve Urkel. Whether you like it or not, they’re the same character, or at least the result of the laziness in screenwriting.

You can pretty much find the same routine over and over again in several sitcoms, either with characters like Sheldon, or the same repetitive sexual tension between the characters, how for the most part the characters insult each other and pretty much have no real reason to be actual friends. Sure, there are one, maybe two sitcoms worth watching, but for the most part they’re just the same garbage all over again. I believe it’s time for us to move on, and actually think on better ways to deliver comedy on TV rather than doing the same things over and over again.