If you, like me, enjoyed darting about the living room with fists clenched and the undeniable idea that I was an impeccable ninja-like warrior, you were either about to be diagnosed with ADHD or a huge Power Rangers fan (just to clarify, I was the latter).

I was the red ranger, the self-elected leader of the group that would no doubt save my fellow rangers in any time of need. I could jump from sofa to sofa whilst fending of villains in every direction. I could morph at any time of the day, hiding my morpher when out in public in case I was spotted by Rita or Lord Zed.

Waking up at 6am and sprinting to the living room to take advantage of the new invention that was satellite television, I would find myself beaming from ear to ear for all of 30secs as the iconic opening theme tune played out, the volume carefully selected as to be loud enough for me to get the heavy metal riffs full force, but equally quiet enough so as to wake my parents an hour earlier than they were scheduled to.

But not every opening did it for me and I have compiled my top 5 theme tunes that still get me giddy even today, 20 years of age!

5. Power Rangers Time Force

One of the catchiest parts of this theme tune, for me, is the electro whooshing noise at about 5secs. I mean, come on, these guys are time-travelling Power Rangers. The swish electro twist just goes to show how amazing these guys are. No Power Rangers opening would be fitting if it didn’t contain endless amounts of “heavy metal” guitar riffs and this is no exception. Quick in pace and keen to repeat the word ‘time’, this catchy opening is rousing and would have certainly got me going as that little child in the living room!

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This article was first posted on February 4, 2013