5 Greatest Sitcom Kisses Of All Time

2. Jessica "Jess" Day And Nick Miller - New Girl

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kY8WimVNHfw Episode: 2.15 - "Cooler" I have a confession to make, and it's a big one, considering how much I love sitcoms: I haven't been watching New Girl as consistently as I should. I do have an excuse: I've also fallen behind in my Big Bang Theory watching, and I've been scrambling like mad to catch up. Don't follow my example, though; you should be watching New Girl every week (you should also be consistently watching The Big Bang Theory; if you're missing either show, you're missing some of the best acting on TV. Both shows have amazing ensemble casts, with the standouts being Zooey Deschanel on New Girl and Jim Parsons on Big Bang). As for me, I vow to change my ways. Anyway, if there's anything that fans of this show had been waiting for, it was for Jess (Ms. Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson) to do something about the romantic tension between them, for crying out loud! It was obvious as early as the pilot episode that Jess and Nick belonged together, and as the show continued, the chemistry only got stronger. We fans were sitting on the edge of our seats, hoping with each episode that things would get to a point that would force Jess and Nick to acknowledge that there was something special between them. In the second season's fifteenth episode, we got our wish. After a woman's trenchcoat is accidentally delivered to Jess and the guys' loft, Nick falls in love with it, finding that wearing it gives him confidence. Fired up, he and the other guys go out girl-hunting, leaving Jess behind. Hurt, Jess finds some very unorthodox ways of channeling her feelings, such as shedding her clothes, talking to her Nick doll and sending out a mad barrage of texts and calls to everyone she knows, drawing them all back to the loft . Eventually (at different points throughout the episode), everybody arrives at the loft, Nick and Winston (Lamorne Morris) with women in tow (Brooklyn Decker & Brenda Song). Determined to help Nick get lucky, Jess suggests everybody play a game that involves more shedding of clothes, a game which reaches an impasse that Jess declares can only be resolved by two people going behind the "iron curtain" (the huge steel door) and locking lips. Through the luck of the draw, Jess and Nick become the couple who receive the opportunity. Nick tries gamely to kiss Jess, but Jess disapproves of his mode of attack and Nick can't bring himself to do it under the conditions. The game loses its momentum and the gang breaks up. Later, Nick investigates a scratching noise outside the front door and is jumped by a huge dog, owned by a woman who recognizes her trenchcoat on Nick and takes it. In the aftermath of the dog attack, Nick tells Jess that he'll miss Trenchcoat Nick because he had guts; the two share a laugh. Recognizing the right moment, Nick takes Jess in his arms and gives her a kiss, and WHAT a kiss! Seriously, guys, this is the gold standard; if we aren't kissing like Nick does, we need to try harder. Nick informs Jess that the kiss was what he had been trying to pull off earlier, and, on that note, he goes to his room, leaving Jess speechless and wondering what just happened. Unlike the other smooches on this list, which rely on the mood built by the preceding scene to give the kiss its weight, this one catches us totally off-guard, which makes it ten times better. We audience members had sadly resolved ourselves to another near-miss between Jess and Nick, and then, bam! After the dust clears, we're left looking like Jess does at the end of the scene, wide-eyed and jaw dropped. Incidentally, just a few episodes later, the show's writers gave us another Jess/Nick kiss, this one built around a wonderfully-written Sam & Diane-style scene. It's not quite as hot as this scene, but it's still great.
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