5 Modern Sci-Fi Shows As Understood By Someone Who Reads WAY Too Much Into Them

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I love science fiction television. Seriously, I just plain love it. I've watched pretty much every major science fiction series released in the past 20 years. Sure, there are some gaps in that, but if it's got the words "star", "space", "alien" or "X" in it, it's a safe bet I've seen it. A lot of those shows are just plain old fun. Some of them, however, get a lot deeper. Science fiction at its core was created to measure mankind's progress, and the genre has never been far from its philosophical roots. There are a few shows, though that are really quite clever about hiding their true meanings. Maybe you've already noticed, because you're smart. Maybe you haven't noticed. Maybe you just haven't watched every single episode of these shows, because you don't have the time to do that. You're probably better off like that, honestly. For better or worse, here's how I read into those TV shows....

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