5 Most Disturbing Kids TV Shows

There are so many Children’s TV shows that are disturbing in a variety of different ways…

Curtis Evans


There are so many Children’s TV shows that are disturbing in a variety of different ways. There’s the intentionally creepy such as Courage the Cowardly Dog; the unintentional creepy such as Lamb Chop and the tragic animal slaughter of Animals of Farthing Wood.

Here’s a rundown of my Top 5 most disturbing TV shows created for children.

5. The Demon Headmaster

The Demon Headmaster was some downright creepy stuff and I’m not surprised that it’s no longer running. I don’t think the Beeb would allow a program based in a school and centred on a headmaster with pervy eyes to exist on their channels these days.

What was most disturbing about the Demon Headmaster was that with children’s imaginations being so wild, it didn’t take long until viewers started to wonder if their own headmaster was as evil as Terrence Hardiman’s demonic eyed titular character. As if school wasn’t scary enough for children, damn homework!

4. Are You Afraid of the Dark?

I’ll admit, I couldn’t watch this when I was growing up. The creepy intro was more than enough to make me grab my football and go scurrying out the door, but then again I was (and still am) a scaredy cat when it came to TV and Film.

I could quite easily have included Goosebumps, a similar concept, but felt that the episodes from Are You Afraid were just that bit scarier. The vampire in ‘The Tale of the Midnight Madness’ is one of the creepiest vampires to grace the small screen, and it doesn’t even need to say a word! ‘The Tale of the Laughing Dark’ is widely seen as one of the series scariest episodes, no wonder so many kids grow up scared of clowns!


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