Anyone who stayed with Gossip Girl through the entire series will have no trouble admitting that the show took a decline after Season 2. Yes, the show that was once praised as the “Best Show Ever” by New York Magazine, did eventually become less of a guilty pleasure and more of a guilt trip. However, that doesn’t mean that the show didn’t continually provide its share of shocking moments throughout all six seasons before ending last week. Who can forget the infamous marketing campaign in which the CW plastered “OMFG” over photos of some of the series’ most shocking moments?

Here we’ll count down the top five most jaw-dropping, shout-producing, truly OMFG moments as well as a few bonus ones that didn’t make the cut.

5. Outing Eric


In Episode 16, what some might argue is the best episode of the series (and certainly the most shocking), there are quite a few storylines that begin to merge together. Georgina is back in town, Jenny has a boyfriend, and Serena is hiding something from Dan that has to do with Georgina’s return. In what was the second episode to air after the show’s return post-Writer’s Strike, the audience was promised more than a few unbelievable moments, including one of the character’s coming out of the closet. Georgina crashes the Van Der Woodsen’s family dinner and innocently proclaims that “love is in the air,” citing Lily’s upcoming nuptials, Serena’s relationship, and Eric kissing another boy before school earlier that morning. Only neither mother nor sister have any idea of Eric’s extracurricular activities.

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This article was first posted on December 22, 2012