I’ll admit it, I was apprehensive when I first heard that Green Arrow was getting his own television series.  Superman show, yes.  Batman, of course.  I could even conceive of a Green Lantern show that could survive outside of children’s network.  But Green Arrow?  A man in a green cap and bright yellow beard sliding around town with a bow and arrow couldn’t possibly hold weight.

And then it happened.  And eleven episodes in, the show is holding strong, and I believe it has the potential to have an impressive run on the CW.  It seems to hold the materials, the chemistry and yes, the gravitas to hold strong.  Here are five reasons why Arrow fits the times, and will continue for a long while.

Let the reader beware, there will be minor spoilers, so read at your own risk!

5. Smallville


Ten successful years is nothing to sneeze at.  Superman has led the way, and the response, while mixed, was that it was a solid show throughout.  The fact that Oliver Queen made a few strong appearances to help raise awareness of the archer certainly didn’t hurt Arrow’s emergence.  Smallville’s success proved to the CW that a comic-based show for an adult audience could still hold weight.

Smallville didn’t just prove that comic shows could work, it did Arrow the favor of bowing out.  Arrow came in just as Smallville’s viewers were looking for something new in the same vein.  And Arrow certainly does not disappoint.

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This article was first posted on January 26, 2013