For many TV shows, cancellation signals the end. Whether it has told the story it wants to tell, is cut down before its prime, or even on some occasions mercifully put out of its misery, the final episode is often the last time audiences will see those characters. In this modern world of transmedia storytelling however, there are also those that carry on in another form. While tie-in media (novels, comics, etc) are hardly new, their rise in popularity has allowed TV producers to continue telling their stories long after the networks have had enough.

Not only are they giving their characters a new lease of life, but thanks to the inclusion of those who ran the TV shows that spawned them, they are also granted the precious gift of being “canon”; the events that take place are considered just as real as those of the TV show, unlike traditional tie-in media which are generally superfluous.

Here are five ways in which characters have been bought back, adventures have continued, and even cliff hanger endings have been resolved.

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This article was first posted on June 15, 2013