6 Awesome TV Actors Who Failed On The Big Screen

You'll tune in every week to see their bright, shining faces, but no one would blame you from running from the theaters when they're newest pictures come out.

You’ll tune in every week to see their bright, shining faces, but no one would blame you from running from the theaters when they’re newest pictures come out. The following is a list (though certainly not a definitive one) of a list of the wonderful actors and actresses who shine on the small screen, but can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to the opening week box office. Some names might just surprise you, as they did me when I did the necessary research. Love them or hate them (though, I’ll bet you love most of them), here are six fantastic television actors with hardly any good movies (if any).

Note: this list does not include roles in animated films, directing, writing, or producing credits, or cameos (playing themselves or another character). Television movies and mini-series do not count as cinematic endeavors. I ask that you also do your best to recognize and distinguish your “guilty pleasure” movies from ones with cinematic merit. I’ve got my fair share of guilty pleasure films, but I think it’s important to recognize their standing with films that hold a bit more credibility with a particular viewer. That being said, who am I to judge your tastes? That’s right. No one. So, on with it!


6. Neil Patrick Harris

Awesome In: How I Met Your Mother, Doogie Howser, M.D., Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Stark Raving Mad

“Best” Movie: Starship Troopers

Cinematic Filmography Includes: The Smurfs, Beastly, The Best and the Brightest, The Proposition

I couldn’t be a bigger NPH fan, myself. I think Mr. Harris might be one of the most talented performers out there. A killer singing voice, fantastic charming demeanor, and all-around nice guy, it’s hard to ever say anything bad about him. Currently bringing the laughs in as Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother, Harris has a nice spectrum of acting talent, ranging from smooth, ladies man in his current sitcom, to awkward, shy, somewhat nerotic characters in Dr. Horrible and Stark Raving Mad.

But someone should throw him a good film fairly soon. I understand that with a television show, it’s often difficult to find time to film a full-length feature movie, but I desperately want to see Harris in one.