6 Things New To Netflix This Week (March 7)

Prepare for seven days of super heroes, sinister villains and seriously funny comedy

Whether you've been binge-watching House of Cards, Making a Murderer, Better Call Saul or something else on Netflix this winter, chances are you could probably do with getting out of the house a bit more . After all, gorging on a box set is now a bonafide past-time, so think of this week's offerings as a clever way to get some bite-sized entertainment (and some fresh air) instead. First up, there's a three part animated mini-series which tells fills in the back story for one of the most iconic characters in video game history. Looking for some laughs? Netflix presents two original comedies this week, including an experimental sketch show featuring some of the big names of of tomorrow, and a new series fronted by one of the Arrested Development cast. If it€™s a tense thriller you€™re after, make sure you check out Michael Douglas channeling his inner-Wall Street monster in a surprisingly good, low budget indie film, while to cap things off there€™s another offering from the Marvel movie machine, which delivers yet another stunning Avengers spin-off. Less is more on Netflix this week, so here's how you can be easily entertained in as a little as 30 minutes.

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