6 TV Shows That Prove "Season 2" is the Best

Season 2 is a daunting task for any new television show and its writers, but also an opportunity they all desperately want the chance to get to do. How do you continue the success of a great season 1 and make sure your TV series is convincing as something that could run for at least 5 seasons? When you are originally planning and breaking down stories to pitch your new idea for a TV show to television producers who could make your dream a reality you are most likely focusing all your efforts to try to make sure the first season is truly great and it's the same when you come to make the first season also. First seasons have to be really good to not only convince people who are probably mostly comfortable watching the shows they are already fans of to give a new show a chance, but also to give your show the best chance of not getting canceled. In fact, these days, it is very rare that I will actually start watching a new show from season 1 as it airs its initial run. I will most likely wait for that show to be picked up for a second season and then buy the box set and then watch from the start if I have heard good things. Many great shows from last year have the challenge and the privilege of a second season in upcoming months, or their second seasons are already on air. Shows like Homeland, Enlightened, New Girl, Girls and American Horror Story to name a few really great season 1's which you should probably get around to watching if you haven't already. But if history tells us one thing it is not to worry. Season 1 is usually a great season for any TV show, but more often than not Season 2 is better. The following 6 Season 2's from great TV shows you should watch if you haven't or don't watch currently prove this fact that Season 2 is the greatest season in TV. Click "Next" to start with the first Season 2...

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