6 TV Shows With Crazy Real-Life Repercussions

Pretty, pretty, pretty influential television.


Some of the best fiction around was inspired by real-life events, but there are rare occasions when this has proven to be a two-way street. Everyone has heard of the curious phenomenon of life imitating art, though this is usually nothing more than a series of coincidences... except when it isn't.

There are times when TV shows have impacted on the real world in all kinds of bizarre ways, in some instances altering it for the better and highlighting the potential of the medium as a driving force for change.

Sometimes this was the showrunner or filmmaker's intention from the start. In the case of documentaries with a political or social theme, the idea is to challenge preconceptions and change the way the audience sees the subject matter, and this has been known to kick events into motion.

But it isn't just factual programming that has had real-world repercussions. An elite group of scripted television shows can claim to have brought about change, and this isn't always deliberate.

From getting innocent men out of jail to kickstarting justice campaigns, here are the times when TV had a seismic impact on the world we live in.


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