7 Best And 7 Worst Releases On Netflix In May

Avoid the Leprechaun and choose comedy instead.


It's May. Lovely May, with its two bank holidays, (theoretically) improved weather, and the climax of the football season. 

May is also when most of the big US TV shows are on hiatus, meaning panic stations for anyone with a penchant for binge-watching. Luckily, Netflix have stepped in to save you from those long, boring nights invariably filled with reading, romancing, and dancing.

Original content is top of most people's list, with Marseille, the French equivalent of House of Cards making its debut this month, along with a comedy from the Netflix record-breaking Adam Sandler called The Do-Over. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is back too (feel free to skip right to the end if you want to know more), while politics and sports battle it out on the ice in Cold War documentary, Red Army.

There's plenty of new stuff coming to the Netflix universe that you'll want to keep out of your orbit, too. For example, steer clear of a movie called Momentum which, despite a big-name cast, only took £50 in the UK box office on opening weekend.

Make sure to dodge a film called A Matter of Faith too unless Christian debate movies are your thing, and be prepared to watch cult horror movie Leprechaun with your eyebrow cocked in the sarcasm position, as Jennifer Aniston makes her big-screen debut alongside Star Wars alumni, Warwick Davis.

Prepare for another hit and miss month in the world of Netflix. Let's begin.

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