7 Ridiculous Sounding TV Cross-Overs We Demand To See

We all have TV shows we love. Sometimes we think how awesome it would be if we could mash two…

J.D. Westfall



We all have TV shows we love. Sometimes we think how awesome it would be if we could mash two of those together into one among amazing special that would fill us with cheers, and bring us many happy days. Maybe all in the family can watch together and strengthen those family ties.

(fun project: See how many bad puns you can find in the above paragraph!)

But the TV crossover is a tricky art. It can easily be great or terrible depending on the execution. Sometimes it just feels like a cheap gimmick, and those especially fall flat. There’s even times when the crossover is so subtle hardly anybody notices it.

However, there have been times it was amazing (such as when Arrested Development met Law & Order). Today at WhatCulture, we’ll be taking a look at some that would be or would have been amazing to see, and how to ensure the episodes would work.


 7. Chuck Meets The Office


Chuck: A comedy spy series that ran on NBC for five years, focusing on the exploits of the titular Chuck. He begins as an employee at department store Buy More, but accidentally gets all the government’s secrets downloaded into his mind. He immediately gets two agents assigned to protect him and bring him along on important missions. All along, he must keep his new career secret from his family and friends.

The Office: A comedy series on NBC adapted from the Ricky Gervais show of the same name. It’s all about the main office of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin, a paper company. It has a strong focus on cringe humor, especially from Steve Carrell’s character, the boss Michael Scott.

The Crossover: Chuck and his two handlers (John Casey and Sarah Walker) learn that the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin may have been implanted with an agent of The Ring – an organization that the government knows little about. To uncover whether this is true or not, Chuck and his handlers are assigned covers as new employees at Dunder Mifflin as they try to find the Ring agent.

Bonus – Battle of the Bands between Scrantonicity and Jeffster!