8 Best TV Shows That Passed You By In 2017

2. The Leftovers


Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta's The Leftovers haemorrhaged viewership each week from its second season onwards, but that was never a reflection of its quality. The esoteric sci-fi-drama went out on a high with a strong, but shortened third and final season in 2017.

The show takes place in the aftermath of a mysterious event that saw 2% of the Earth's population (some 140 million people) vanish into thin air. By the time season three takes us to the seventh anniversary of the occurrence, the world isn't running so smoothly.

Although The Leftovers revelled in the opportunity to spin an intriguing mystery and keep the audience in the dark throughout much of its run, it became more than a one-trick pony over three seasons.

It's a sonnet to loss, grief and dysfunction that will remind viewers just how fragile the human condition is by the end. With the entire story having been told, now is the time to discover The Leftovers if you missed it when it aired.


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