8 Reasons Why Netflix Is Better Than Amazon Prime Video

The fight for your subscription wages on...


It goes without saying that subscription services have changed the way we watch TV. Instead of waiting for shows to air specific episodes at specific times, we can now watch entire series whenever we feel like it. Rather than purchasing DVDs and Blu-Rays at full retail price on release, it’s often preferable to simply wait a little while and watch them on a streaming service you already pay a monthly fee for.

While there are various such apps out there, the two giants of the industry are undoubtedly Netflix and Prime Video, Amazon’s own video on demand service. Both companies rose from the online DVD rental market, but after their superior streaming sites rendered renting (and Blockbuster) obsolete, they have moved into producing their own original content in order to spike and retain subscribers.

This has led to a highly competitive war between Amazon and Netflix, a race to see who can bag the largest audience, the most Emmys, and the most lucrative TV and movie partnerships. While competition is always good, and ultimately improves both services, there’s already a pretty clear winner of the Streaming Wars, this generation's answer to Coke vs Pepsi.


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