8 TV Shows That Would Have Been Great As One-Season Wonders

8. Homeland

homeland Homeland hasn't quite lost the way that people say it has. It might not have been as riveting as the first season, but it still had some amazing moments; Carrie and Saul's interrogation of 'revealed' traitor Brody in season two. That explosive ending at the CIA, when the tables were turned on the former marine. Saul's master plan with Iran in season three and the tragic end to Carrie and Brody's love affair in the finale. It will be interesting to see the direction the show takes in season four. That being said, had the story of Nicolas Brody ended with the suicide bomb in the season one finale, Homeland would still be remembered as one of the most intelligent, tense, relentless dramas of recent years. No 24-style shenanigans that we endured in season two, such as Brody accidentally killing Bassel or Dana and the Vice President's son running down a woman in a completely random side plot. A single season story, where Brody blew himself up, along with the Vice President and his cabinet, would have been a bold and daring end to an edgy and challenging series. Sure it may not have been the happy ending many people look for in a show, but it would have been remembered...in all the right ways.
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