8 TV Shows Saved By Ridiculously Last Minute Changes

2. Seinfeld Would Have Had A "Sassy" Waitress As A Main Character


As we've seen already, it’s not unusual for TV shows to change drastically between the pilot episode and the main show proper. The pilot is often an opportunity to try out ideas and characters and see how they play with the audience.

Seinfeld was one show that made drastic changes from the pilot episode, and the changes helped it become one of the greatest sitcoms in history, instead of a forgotten entry on a list called “The Worst Pilots in TV History”.

Some changes were cosmetic – the show was originally saddled with the unwieldy and portentous title The Seinfeld Chronicles and breakout character Kramer was called Kessler, and for no particular reason he had a dog. Monk’s Diner, where the gang would often hangout, was called Pete’s Luncheonette. But the biggest difference between the pilot and the show it became was the fact that there was no Elaine. Instead, the only female influence was a waitress at Pete’s named Claire.

When the show made it to air as Seinfeld, Kessler was Kramer and the dog had gone, as had Pete’s Luncheonette and Claire, and most importantly Jerry’s ex-girlfriend Elaine was a bone fide member of the main cast of loveable misanthropes. Sitcom history was born.


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