9 Most Outrageous Friends Fan Theories

6. They're All Just High-Schoolers


A take on the 'it was all a dream' scenario, this one posits that the events of the show are actually just how the teenage Friends imagine their lives will pan out. 

So, for example, Ross is really into science, thus he gets a PhD and a job in the museum, while he also has a major crush on Rachel, and gets the girl in the end. Monica is fat and loves food, so she becomes skinny and a chef. Rachel, daddy's little girl, turns into an independent working woman. Joey realises his dream of becoming an actor, Chandler gets away from his parents and is thought to be funny, and Phoebe, who had such a tragic adolescence, manages to put that behind her and be an extremely fun, positive person. 

When the show does flashbacks to their younger selves, it's really showing how they picture themselves looking back at their youth, and the series ends when they've reached their ultimate goals for adult life. 

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