9 Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future

Simpsons did it!

Nowadays The Simpsons is an old warhorse, a hobbled but still-lumbering beast of Fox's scheduling; it's part of the furniture, and its days are surely numbered. Once upon a time, though, it seemed like the past, present and future of TV comedy, and occasionally it even managed to slip the surly bonds of time and give pointers as to where civilisation at large might be headed.

As we€™re all adults here, there€™s no need to pretend that this is list is going to dignify the unutterably poor future-based episodes Bart To The Future, Days Of Future Future, Future-Drama and Holidays of Future Passed. This is all about the insights gained from Lisa€™s Wedding, the only future-set Simpsons episode worth 22 minutes of your life, and other episodes which struck us as oddly far-sighted. Well, there's one mention of Bart To The Future, but it's mercifully brief.

Also, before we get going with this, there€™s definitely not going to be any mention of that ludicrous 9/11 €˜prediction€™. Apart from that mention of it and the image. That is definitely going to be the last mention of it. This isn€™t going to full of massive coincidences wrapped up with unconvincing gifs either; these are all solid, 100% organic, GM-free future-predictions which embiggened humanity's horizons.

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