9 TV Shows That Left Huge Unanswered Questions Behind

9. The Sopranos: Was Tony Whacked?


There were many possible endgames for The Sopranos. Would Tony end up dead, behind bars, or on the run? All of these scenarios were teased during the show's stellar six-season run, but the only thing creator David Chase chose to assassinate in the grand finale was TV conventions.

Rather than ending in the traditional sense, the gangster show left viewers in the dark... literally, abruptly hitting them with a black screen and forcing them to draw their own conclusions (once they'd checked the wires on the cable box).

Whatever your opinion of Chase's decision to go avant-garde right at the death, Tony Soprano's ultimate fate goes down in TV history as an unresolved issue, because there is no definitive version of what happens next. Sure, people have written lengthy essays on the subject, and the most likely conclusion is that he was shot in the back of the head in that diner, but the debate can never truly be laid to rest.

Chase insists that all the information you need is there in that final, subtle scene, and if you take a forensic deep dive into every frame, there's compelling evidence that Tony was indeed whacked, but there will always be those who can never accept a major character is dead unless they see the corpse.


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