Amazon's Lord Of The Rings: Fan-Casting Every (Possible) Major Role

1. Gollum - Ezra Miller

Warner Bros.

Imagine a Gollum without CGI and Andy Serkis, and then wonder about the possibilities that lie in front of the prequel creators. The right artist can offer a fresh interpretation of the obsessed creature minus the graphics. Ezra Miller's facility for playing alienated individuals should put him in contention for the complex Gollum.

The trilogy does a thorough job peeling back Gollum's layers. It invites the question as to what else can be done with him in the prequel. Gollum could still put in appearances because he's part of a distinctive group of hobbits. During his education in his native village, Smeagol learns about Sauron well before he becomes Gollum. It would be intriguing to see juvenile Smeagol's first impressions of the wicked entities present within Middle-earth.

Miller offers audiences a haunting transformation in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Credence changes from abused teenager to a tormented soul who's out of control. Miller would masterfully depict the first signs of Gollum's downward spiral. He will reprise the character of Credence next year but he could stretch himself more with a weekly role.

The actor received several nominations and awards for two divergent works. He impressed critics in Perks of Being a Wallflower. Then, he terrified filmgoers as the teen psychopath in We Need To Talk About Kevin. Miller's credits reflect his versatility and that's exactly what's needed in the case of Gollum.

Amazon should bank on the rich potential of Miller to recreate the tortured Smeagol.

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