American Gods: 11 Things You Need To Know

The TV series is shaping up to be a great adaptation of Neil Gaiman's epic novel.

American Gods Shadow Moon

Get ready to enter a world of Gods.

Having been in the works in some form or another for a good few years now (it was initially setup at HBO back in 2013), American Gods is finally making its way to our screens this weekend, the eight-episode first season coming to Starz on April 30 (and Amazon in the UK a day later).

An adaptation of Neil Gaiman's epic novel, it'll chart a brewing war between the old Gods, like Odin, and the ones people worship nowadays, such as Media and Technology. All this is seen through the eyes of protagonist Shadow Moon, an ex-con whose wife dies and who has a penchant for coin tricks.

With Game of Thrones moving back from spring to summer, there's a vacancy for a big new fantasy series to take over everyone's viewing schedule, and with Gods, leprechauns, dead people who don't stay dead, and a lot of mystery and intrigue, American Gods is ready to step into the void.

Hopefully it finds the audience it deserves, with the potential to run for multiple seasons definitely there for the series. It's one of the most exciting of 2017, and could well be one of the best too, and there's plenty to know as we approach the highly-anticipated air date.

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