American Horror Story: 10 Most Controversial Moments

AHS has always been shocking, but which times did it go too far?


American Horror Story deserves a lot of credit. When it debuted in 2011, the likes of Saw and Hostel had turned the horror genre into... well, not a joke necessarily, but certainly a very niche area of entertainment. Narrative and characterisation were not something you expected when you settled in for terror. American Horror Story managed to provide both, without losing any of the blood and gore.

These days, horror movies like Get Out are credible Oscar nominees, but it all started with AHS. The road there has not been smooth though. Several incidents across the seasons have caused outcry from fans, critics, and special interests groups as Ryan Murphy’s show pushed the envelope as far as it could. Many episodes have caused meltdowns of varying degrees on social media as people have both defended and attacked the show’s depiction of murder, gore, and sexual violence.

In spite of, or perhaps because of, these controversies, the show has proved a smash hit success. It should go without saying that some of these entries may be upsetting, as there are very few dark corners the show ever avoids.


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