American Horror Story has become one of the highest rated FX shows recently and has spurred some of the best and the scariest storytelling told in a while. It is currently enjoying its third season entitled Coven, revolving around a clan of witches. This is the rare kind of show which can change it up every season and still manage to keep its high fanbase. This show manages to both step up its game and possibly become even scarier with each season.

With the inclusion of Kathy Bates in the third season, I was thinking, what other actors known for starring in horror movies could make an appearance on the show, and what kind of characters would they play? After consideration, I have devised six iconic horror actors from some of the most famous horror franchises made, who would both be possible to hire and would create a memorable performance for the show.

Let’s crack on with my first choice.

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This article was first posted on December 31, 2013