American Horror Story: Apocalypse - 6 Major Questions Raised By The Finale

6. What Was The Point Of Bringing Misty Back In Episode 5?


Okay, so this one isn't as big as other questions from the finale, but it's one that needs to be addressed: Was there a reason for Misty to return at all in the fifth episode, Boy Wonder?

Yes, it was important for Michael's character, as bringing her back from hell was a testament to how powerful he really is. But it made Misty a mere plot device for Michael, because after that episode she inexplicably disappears from the season until the finale, after which this episode was undone anyway.

Her return may have been emotional for the other witches, especially Cordelia, but since she's entirely absent from anything that occurs afterwards - notably the final battle against Michael - you have to wonder why they bothered to bring her back at all.

This was only reaffirmed by Apocalypse Then, when Mallory manages to set Misty free and we get yet another reunion between Misty and Cordelia. Wouldn't it have been more emotional to save her return entirely for the finale after the apocalypse was prevented if they weren't going to do anything with her anyway? And does she get another dance with Stevie Nicks?

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