American Horror Story: Apocalypse Premiere - 5 Ups & 1 Down From 'The End'


5. The Opening Moments

American Horror Story Apocalypse

For a show that deals with every type of horror imaginable, it's pretty shocking that American Horror Story has never dealt with the end of the world before now. It's a storyline that has been explored in many other television series' and movies over the years, so it's about time that AHS got round to it. Perhaps the most shocking thing about AHS' interpretation of judgment day is how rather fresh and exciting it is.

We're introduced to the end of the world via a newscaster, who informs his viewers that missiles have been fired and that Los Angeles is in imminent danger. The opening minutes of the episode are heart-racing, which is odd considering AHS usually likes to bide its time and save the tension for later. The whole city begins to fall apart, and it's both horrifying and mesmerising.

As great as the anthology series is, it often gets things very wrong, but Apocalypse appears to be on the right track - something that was evident from the very beginning. This storyline has seemingly revitalised the show, and the first few moments were enough for to determine that this season will most certainly be a hit.


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