Another 20 Nostaglic TV Theme Tunes We Just Can’t Let Go

Cheers Ever since my last article about TV Themes I've been inundated with suggestions and requests for another list. It's absolutely flattering of course to think that something as simple as remembering a few nostalgic chords of a television program that once graced our screens when we were either too young to understand it or too busy to watch it properly can bring people together. And we've got loads of examples ready to go! The people have spoken and their responses have been taken on board, mixed in with a few suggestions of my own once again, to present a list twice as long which will no doubt provide you three times the fun of the last one! I felt it would be good to establish a few rules, just so that I'm not producing an infinite list €“ which considering both the amount of quality theme music and the amount of television I used to watch isn't that hard to do. So, first things first, the show has to have been live action and it also has to be finished €“ which may upset a lot of Red Dwarf fans, but then they shouldn't be so disheartened, because we're getting a 12th series! I've also left Doctor Who off this list for the same reason, despite the fact it's clearly an extraordinarily relevant theme tune, both for the nostalgic fans and the current one's. And this might also upset a lot of cartoon buffs out there who, quite rightly, reminded me that there's just so many theme songs from Tailspin to Chip and Dale; Rescue Rangers that deserve their own damn list! And believe me, in time, that just might happen - I mean, what would life have been without Darkwing Duck?! So, by virtue of popular demand (and the fine staff here at What Culture) I am pleased to present my second countdown of those themes we just can't forget...

Honorable Mention 1: Beverly Hills 90210 (1990) Let's start this countdown with a bang. Even JDVB would probably admit (although most likely only in the Bitch from Apartment 23) that his own Dawson's Creek pales in comparison to the likes of Beverly Hills 90210. It was hip, it was sexy and it was adventurous at a time when shows just hadn't dealt with promiscuous teenagers. It became a cultural sensation and we're hardly likely to forget to include it. But because of it's incredible guitar solo (created by John Davis, FYI) there's just nowhere proper to put it in this countdown and it therefore deserves an honorary mention. No doubt Luke Perry was the Scott Baio of his day, which upset Jason Priestly (though Shannon Doherty took my personal vote) - this countdown needs a good kick to get it started, and this is it!

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