Arrow: 8 Best Villains

Assassins, metahumans, evil archers... After five and a half seasons, which villains still shine?

The CW

Who would've thought that when Arrow launched back in 2012 it would serve as the launch pad for a massive franchise that has come to include shows like The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Vixen known as the Arrowverse? For five and a half seasons now, Arrow has been plugging along, expanding the universe when it can while continuing to follow the trials and tribulations of Oliver Queen and his team of vigilantes.

The show, though, has faced its fair share of criticism from fans and critics alike, particularly in recent years, and while that's a conversation to be had for another time and place, one thing that has consistently stood out as a positive across its run has been a number of its villains, big and small, many of whom have left a significant mark on the show - and even the wider Arrowverse - even after their time on Arrow wrapped up.

With the show currently on its midseason hiatus, let's look back over the show's run to sort out the villainous cream of the crop, acknowledging eight faces who have antagonized Team Arrow over the years and become memorable pieces of the show's legacy.

Be warned, though, as this article contains spoilers for those who may not be caught up...

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