Arrow: 8 Best Villains

8. Vigilante

The CW

Arrow has had many cool minor, supporting villains across its run, from Count Vertigo to Brick to Tobias Church, but few have been as cool as Vigilante was in the show's fifth season. Though the show did its best to lead viewers into thinking that Adrian Chase was the man behind the mask, that wasn't the truth, and thus Vigilante was able to draw strength from being an enigma, a merciless murderer of criminals with no identity or tangible motive who even targeted a "corrupt" Oliver Queen.

Say what you will about the recent reveal that Vigilante is Dinah's former lover and partner Vincent Sobel, which some may have found to be underwhelming, but that doesn't take away from the fact that Vigilante was one of the slickest aspects about season five. He was no-nonsense, mirroring the type of crime-fighting vigilante that Oliver Queen used to be back in the show's earliest days, and it was neat seeing him frequently outsmart Team Arrow, even if just through brute force.

It remains to be seen why this man who has had a history of killing criminals has seemingly joined up with Cayden James' merry band of villains, but it's hard to imagine he doesn't have his own personal endgame in mind. At the least, his tether to Dinah has now given him a very personal connection to Team Arrow that will, hopefully, prove fruitful in its dramatic potential.

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