Arrow Season 7: 3 Ups & 1 Down From 'Level Two'

The end is nigh for Star City in another gripping adventure from Arrow.

Arrow S7 Ups Downs 4
The CW

Contains spoilers for Arrow Season 7, Episode 4.

So far, this season of Arrow has given us an in-depth look at Oliver Queen's new normal, as the former vigilante struggles to adapt to life behind bars. However, he isn't the only one struggling, as his family and friends are attempting to move on from his imprisonment at Slabside Maximum Security Prison, and as we all know by now, none of them have really moved on from anything.

With Felicity and Black Siren out for vengeance on Ricardo Diaz, Rene looking to continue inspiring people without his mask and Dinah Drake trying to do what is right for everyone (the city included), everyone is dealing with their own issues. This week's episode 'Level Two' highlighted that with perfection, as Felicity showed how far she was willing to go to get answers, while Oliver showed us how far he could be pushed, thanks to a series of harrowing tests by Slabside's psychiatrist.

'Level Two' stepped things up on every front, furthering the main storyline while dropping some major bombshells in the flash-forwards that could very well influence the rest of Arrow's run. Contains spoilers.

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