Arrow Season 7: 4 Ups & 0 Downs From 'Due Process'

Everything finally comes together in Season 7's most game-changing episode yet.

Arrow S7 Laurel Felicity
The CW

Contains spoilers from Arrow Season 7, Episode 6.

After providing us with one of its strongest outings in recent memory, Arrow upped the ante this week in an episode that saw weeks of well-paced storylines reach their boiling points. 'Due Process' tackled some of the season's core narratives head on and has left all of the characters in a very interesting place.

As Oliver faced new threats inside the walls of Slabside, Felicity refused to back down on the outside and pushed herself beyond her usual limits as she did whatever it took to track down the man who took everything from her. But it was the reformed Laurel Lance who stole the show this week, showcasing just how far she had come and proving to the naysayers that, despite what she'd like us to believe, there is good in her formerly dark heart.

From the return of former enemies to the well-paced development of certain characters, 'Due Process' was a masterclass in how to deliver a great pay off, bringing about a satisfying conclusion to some of the season's opening storylines while teasing us with some of the enticing ones that await us. Contains spoilers.

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