BBC Drama “Good Cop” Postponed In Wake Of Shootings

The BBC postpones Drama “Good Cop” in wake of tragic police deaths in Greater Manchester.

Joseph Dempsey


Last night’s episode of BBC Drama ‘Good Cop’ was pulled from the TV schedule in the wake of the tragic killings of two female police officers in Manchester on Tuesday.

The finale of last night’s show, which follows Cop John-Paul Rocksavage as he avenges the murder of his partner by killing off those responsible, was believed to have featured scenes of violence against a female Police Officer which were deemed by the Corporation too sensitive to broadcast in light of the murders of two Greater Manchester female Officers.

Police Officers Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes were called out to investigate a supposed burglary taking place in an estate in Greater Manchester on Tuesday. They were then apparently ambushed by suspect Dale Cregan, who had been laying in wait for the officers to arrive before shooting at them and attacking them with a military style hand grenade.

Cregan is also suspected of murdering Mark Short and his father David in the same way.

Both officers died from their wounds and the BBC were keen to avoid inflicting further trauma on the victims’ families by airing the episode. The BBC released a statement last night saying:

“In light of news events, BBC1 has postponed the final episode of Good Cop due to transmit at 9pm tonight.”

It is still unknown at this time when the episode will eventually air. The show, which stars Warren Brown, has received positive reviews since it began three weeks ago. In its place last night, the BBC aired a repeat of sitcom Outnumbered starring Hugh Dennis, as well as Have I Got News For You.