Boardwalk Empire 3.3 Review, “Bone For Tuna”

[rating: 3.5] What’s life if it ain’t personal? Indeed, Gyp.Well, except for when it isn’t. It seems Mr Rosetti can…

Chris Morgan


[rating: 3.5]

What’s life if it ain’t personal? Indeed, Gyp.Well, except for when it isn’t. It seems Mr Rosetti can see a slight in just about anything. An unfortunate string of circumstances led to Tabor Heights’ sheriff being made an improv-BBQ of, perhaps mostly because of Owen’s off hand mispronunciation of “Bouna fortuna”. We all knew there was going to be no real solution by the end of the third episode, and it is welcome relief. I only wish the writers gave something for Gyp to do beyond being Nucky’s new nemesis.

Van Alden continues to slide into the brink of madness. I just can’t help but feel sorry for the poor bastard every time I see him. Michael Shannon is an amazing actor. I only hope it doesn’t take all season for his inevitable affiliation with the criminal underworld to come around. It increasingly seems like his only option.

Mickey Doyle’s bragging about being the one who took off half of Manny Horovitz’s face led to a pretty hilarious set of circumstances where Richard Harrow catches him with his pants down (literally) and ends up near executing he of the ridiculous laugh right in Nucky’s office. The conversation between Nucky and Richard remains the best of the night, with Richard all but spelling out he knows Nucky was the one who murdered Jimmy.

Margaret certainly played Dr Landau like a violin. For the first time since season three began, I was glad for her. Her storyline desperately needs something else to help pick up the pace though. If a story about a pre-natal wing of a hospital is all she has going for her this season I despair that she’s one of the few characters we’re guaranteed screen time from every week when it could be devoted to van Alden, Richard, Eli or Chalky. I’m actually hoping she just turns into lady of promiscuity. The tension between her and the younger doctor is mounting, and it’s surely just a matter of time before her and Owen reconnect their tryst.

As for Nucky himself, he’s clearly losing his grip. When he’s not obsessing over Billie’s comings and goings he’s having trippy dreams and visions of Jimmy as a boy with a bullet hole in the cheek. I doubt I’m the only one who thought of The Godfather during the scenes in the church. With each passing week it becomes clearer Nucky is becoming less stable. When he attempts to reach out to Margaret much like in season one, he is instantly rebuffed by the suggestion of having some warm milk. They never seem to have anything close to a smile for each other these days, and it’s clear to see their marriage is little more than a sham.