Breaking Bad: 10 Most Annoying Characters

You love to hate 'em...

Breaking Bad will be remembered as a watershed moment for its medium. For five seasons, Vince Gilligan and company built an astounding world, populated by some of the greatest characters in television history. However, there is no rule that says a character has to be necessarily likeable to qualify as great, and in Breaking Bad's case this is more than true. While there are a couple of likeable and sympathetic characters scattered throughout Vince Gilligan's magnum opus, a majority of Breaking Bad's characters are on the disagreeable side. OK, perhaps that is putting it mildly. Most of the characters are not only disagreeable, but downright unsavory. What is interesting, however, about the show, and what speaks to the quality its writers' pens, is that none of the characters are black and white. Just because a character does generally horrible things does not automatically colour them as unlikeable in the eyes of the audience. A perfect example of this is the character of Mike (Jonathan Banks), Gustavo Fring's main enforcer. While Mike's life revolved around snuffing people out, he is generally a pretty likeable guy. Conversely, you have someone like Walter's long-suffering wife Skyler (Anna Gunn), who certainly doesn't rank as highly as Gus in terms of amorality, but is still pretty darn abrasive throughout the series. With the show over, now is as good a time as any to take a retrospective look back at the characters of Breaking Bad, and examine who rubbed us the wrong way throughout this explosive tale of crime and punishment.

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