Can You Survive Our Walking Dead Quiz?

8 seasons. 253 deaths. 1 quiz.


Even in spite of its declining ratings, The Walking Dead has remained a cultural phenomenon, with millions of people making a household name of a property that started out as the little comic book that could. With such rich source material to pull from it was inevitable that the show would create an engrossing world for fans to pick apart, diverting from the comics and creating its own characters and storylines that deepened it even further.

And after eight years on the air, it's no surprise that The Walking Dead has amassed some of the most rabid fans on the internet. Diving into the lore and attempting to figure out mysteries that the show has refused to answer (just how long was Rick in that coma for anyway?), the show has produced a mythology just as deep as other acclaimed franchises like Game of Thrones.

Consequently, it's time to weed out the T-Dogs from the Rick Grimes of the world and put your Walking Dead knowledge to the test - that is, if you think you've got what it takes to make it through to the end.

1. As Of Season 8, Where Is The Series Currently Set?


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