Daredevil Season 3: 8 Major Plot Predictions

Prepare to be worried about Karen and Foggy...

Daredevil The Defenders

Though season 2 of Luke Cage is still to arrive before Marvel's Daredevil returns to the small-screen, the two-year wait for the show's third season has left fans pretty excited as to what it'll all entail.

With threads established in Daredevil Season 2 having seeded the adaptation of Frank Miller and Dave Mazzucchelli's seminal Born Again comic, and with The Defenders having paid homage to that particular storyline in its ending, it's also clear that Season 3 is bringing out the big guns. No other comic in Marvel's library is as revered as Born Again, and in setting up Matt Murdock for a climactic confrontation with Wilson Fisk, Season 3 could yet return the show to the heights of its 2015 debut.

Marvel's Netflix shows have been on a bit of a slump as of late, and while Luke Cage and The Punisher were certainly good, neither of them reached the same level seasons one of Daredevil and Jessica Jones did three years ago.

A lot, then, rests on the Man Without Fear's shoulders. (Once he makes it out of the hospice, of course.)

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