DC's Titans Season 1 Premiere: 3 Ups & 2 Downs From Episode 1

Despite its flaws, Titans shows some promise.

Titans Robin
DC Universe

Contains spoilers from Titans Season 1, Episode 1.

After a long wait, Titans has finally made its debut on DC's streaming service, the DC Universe.

The show had previously been in development hell as it was originally supposed to air on TNT, with the cable service first showing interest back in 2014 before they dropped the project nearly two years later. After that, it languished in uncertainty for quite some time until DC revived it as the first major show to be exclusive to their digital streaming service.

The show would then get a lot of people talking about it when its controversial first trailer debuted at San Diego Comic-Con, with fans criticising the unusual dark approach and adult content, which undoubtedly caused concern.

The show's premiere episode, also titled "Titans", took some time to introduce us to this grim world. It followed the escapades of vigilante-turned-cop Dick Grayson, who moved from Gotham to Detroit in an attempt to distance himself from a certain Dark Knight from his past. However, when he encountered Rachel Roth (Raven), things took an even darker turn. But surprisingly, there is some hope there too. Contains spoilers.

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