The Defenders: 10 Actresses To Play Jessica Jones

I am a big time Jessica Jones nut. I read every issue of Alias (mainly because I really dug Brian…

Brian Chapman



I am a big time Jessica Jones nut. I read every issue of Alias (mainly because I really dug Brian Michael Bendis’ stuff and the MAX line at the time – and Alias was the two combined). When The Pulse came out, I started reading that. I had a copy of the New Avengers Annual #1 where she gets married as I was also following New Avengers at the time. I even have a copy of the What If comic where Jones joins the Avengers and prevents the House of M from occurring.

So when I heard a few years ago that someone was trying to bring Alias to the small screen, I was over the moon. Sure they would have to change the name, lest it gets confused with a certain other show starring Jennifer Garner. So I was happy with it being called Aka Jessica Jones. Sure whatever, as long as it gets on the TV. Then it didn’t happen for whatever reason. Even just a few weeks ago on this very site I said on the comments of another article about potential Marvel TV shows that I still want to see the Jessica Jones TV show.

Of course now, with Marvel’s Netflix deal we’re getting several linked shows together. This should be interesting as they’re all former MAX/Knights titles that I started reading around the same period and linked between each other. For example, Luke Cage appeared in Daredevil a few times around the Jessica Jones starting period as the bodyguard to Matt Murdock. Then of course you have the relationship between Jones and Cage – so it makes natural sense to have these link between other with a means other than an Avengers film.

Needless to say I am once again over the moon. Agents of SHIELD. may have its issues, but an honest-to-god superhero TV show on Netflix which means they can take their time to do it and do it right. Also the Netflix issue means that potentially they could film the shows out of the normal production window for the autumn through spring slots. So actors in other shows potentially could make appearances.

The burning question for me is this – who is going to play Jessica Jones? Who would get her character right, not only in the looks, but more importantly in the demeanour? She’s a very complex character, who has a surprising amount of gravitas and a quite a dark origin story. So here are my top ten leading ladies who I think could take on the role: