A worldwide movement is gaining momentum for fans of BBC’s popular series Sherlock to show their love for the program. With their humble headquarters being a Tumblr account promoting the #believeinsherlock twitter hashtag, fans all over the world are taking part in the viral campaign, similar to one Warner Bros officially used for Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight marketing, with posters cropping up everywhere with terms like ‘I Believe in Sherlock’ and ‘Moriarty is Real’.

Posters such as these, the one above taken from a bus shelter in the UK and the first below actually found in Arizona State University;


So why are fans doing all this? Well it clearly isn’t to market the show as they don’t work for the BBC and neither is it a sort of fan petition to keep the show going, as a third series of the show has already been commissioned.

Now I wonder whether CBS’s Elementary (a proposed remake of the show over in the U.S. that was announced recently) will be popular enough to gauge the same kind of reaction.

source – Bleeding Cool

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This article was first posted on January 26, 2012