First of all Don’t Panic! You haven’t missed any announcements, Matt Smith hasn’t announced any imminent departure as our current Timelord, however with the news that he is to star in a new film written and directed by Ryan Gosling, speculation is mounting.

Fans are putting two and two together and making all sorts of numbers as they speculate that after the anniversary episode in November this year and maybe the Christmas special, Matt Smith may hang up his sonic screwdriver and leave the TARDIS vacant once more.

Even if this is all totally unfounded there must be a time when we do get a twelfth Doctor so it seems as good a time as any to wonder who might take over as the nation’s favourite Time Lord.


6. David Duchovny

Maybe it’s time for an American to play the Doctor? David Duchovny was interviewed in 2008 at which point he mentioned that he had no interest in taking over from David Tennant but was a fan of Doctor Who. He expressed some interest in the idea of playing a villain in the show.

It’s now a few years later and ten years since David played Fox Mulder in the X-Files tv show; given his experience in defeating the alien menace it seems to me that it still worth considering him as a possible candidate for the TARDIS key. The one drawback may be that he spends all his time looking for missing relatives but he is used to working with a companion though Dana Scully may have her own views as to who is in charge!

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This article was first posted on February 10, 2013