Does This Walking Dead Tweet Mean Rick DOESN'T Die In Season 9?

Don't believe everything you hear.

Rick Grimes Dead End

Contains potential spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 9.

With The Walking Dead's ninth season confirmed to be Andrew Lincoln's last, it has quite naturally been assumed that we'll be seeing Rick Grimes shuffle off this mortal coil at some point during the upcoming run of episodes.

After lots of speculation as to how it might happen, a script leaked which, after some tweaking, appeared to suggest Rick would be dying at the hands (and mouths) of a walker herd in the season's fifth episode, as per The Spoiling Dead and Reddit.

However, seemingly in response to that, The Walking Dead's Twitter account (admittedly that of the comic, not the show, but the timing adds up and they do comment on the TV series too) has put out what comes across as a denial, tweeting: "Don't believe everything you hear."

Rick dying in the fifth episode would be odd, since it's the kind of huge moment that would warrant placement in a mid-season or season finale. Beyond that, it could be read as a denial of Rick dying at all, as the show might instead choose to have Rick's ending left more ambiguous or open-ended, although if Lincoln's 100% done then it would be better to have a clean break.

What do you think will happen to Rick in Season 9? Let us know down in the comments.

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