Emma Stone And Jonah Hill To Star In Cary Fukunaga's New TV Series

The Superbad co-stars will also exec produce.

Nine years after starring together in Superbad, Oscar-nominees Jonah Hill and Emma Stone are to be reunited in a new series, according to reports in Deadline. The dark comedy, based on a Norwegian show, is to be directed by Cary Fukunaga. A man better known for his work on Emmy-award winning True Detective and Netflix's Beasts of No Nation. The story centres around Hill's character, who spends his days playing out heroic and romantic fantasies to escape his daily life inside a mental institution. Stone is lined up to play love interest and fellow patient, leave your jokes about a psychological condition needing to be present to pass them off as a convincing screen couple at the door though please. Currently not attached to a channel, the project is expected to be picked up by a large cable network like HBO or a streaming service like Netflix, where Fukunaga has had success before. Surprisingly it will be both Jonah Hill and Emma Stone's first lead TV roles. All episodes are to be directed by Cary Fukunaga, who will also take an executive producer credit alongside the two stars. It is rumoured that all three are currently seeking a straight-to-series deal as well as a writer.
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