Emmys 2017 Nominations: 15 Major Shocks & Snubs

13. Snub: Winona Ryder (Best Actress In A Drama Series – Stranger Things)


Last year, the Academy shocked the world when they snubbed Winona Ryder for her incredible performance as Joyce Byers in Netflix's Stranger Things. There were petitions created, and people took to social media to vent their anger over the snub. Who could blame them? Ryder was one of the best things about the science-fiction series, and she deserved a nomination much more than Shannon Purser ever did.

"Surely the Academy wouldn't make the same mistake again?", we thought. Unfortunately that's exactly what they did. For yet another year, Ryder did not receive an Emmy nomination, in spite of the fact that her co-stars David Harbour and Millie Bobby Brown both received nods.

Ryder was arguably even more compelling in the Netflix series' second season, delivering a heart-wrenching performance in the final instalment. But alas, a nomination was not to be - even though she arguably deserves one more than her nominated co-stars.


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