Every Batman Ranked From Worst To Best

9. Val Kilmer

Oh, Val. Michael Keaton was beyond good at being Batman and, as such, Kilmer his successor,would always be compared unfavourably - even before we get onto the qualities or otherwise of Batman Forever. The frothy, lightweight tone is totally at odds with what had been great about Batman and, to a lesser extent, Batman Returns.

Kilmer delivers his bits of the quip-led script as if mentally holding it at arm€™s length, uncertain of what to make of this acid house remake of the 1966 film. Do I ham it up, go the full Adam West? Do I play it straight, and try to give what little depth I can to these gags?

In the end, Kilmer decides to do neither, and instead delivers his lines with the urgency of a man who€™s just banged three Valium and bonked himself on the head with a mallet. Add to that Kilmer€™s oddly boyish, soft face (no venture capitalist ever looked so dreamy and uncreased) and you€™ve got a leading man who looks and sounds not just like he€™s in the wrong film, but has been parachuted in from another, much more boring dimension.

If you were being kind you could say that his blank, gormless, manchild face portrays a Batman who€™s seen so much suffering and violence that he€™s incapable of feeling anything at all at this point. If you were being very, very, very kind, you could say that.


Holding midfielder; can get forward. Decent engine.