Family Guy: 10 Best Stewie Episodes

Victory is his!

If Family Guy ever truly had a heyday, then it was around the time Stewie Griffin was at his matricidal, conquering best. Having escaped from the womb more or less with the Schlieffen Plan in tow, Stewie in the early years was the ultimate in short man syndrome: a little boy with big, big goals, ready to conquer (perhaps literally) the world.

And if not, at least eliminate the scourge otherwise known as Lois, his very own mother dearest.

Stewie's original backstory was simple: not vaguely (or not-so-vaguely) homosexual and used as a plot device when needed, but focused, a key part of the story, and usually the highlight of the show. In modern times, the focus of the show has increasingly shifted to Peter's antics, but the best Family Guy moments mostly featured Stewie in the early seasons. Even in episodes that weren't €˜Stewie episodes€™ he always had the best lines.

Yet even as Stewie has changed over the years, he has remained the funniest character on Family Guy €“ the one guaranteed a laugh in any given episode. As a result, Stewie episodes remain the best on show.

With that in mind, let€™s take a look back at Stewie at his very best.


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