In last Sunday’s season 12 episode of Family Guy, ‘Life of Brian’, the show’s writers made the extraordinary decision to kill off a permanent member of the Griffin family – Brian.

Viewers who tuned in witnessed the talking canine brutally mowed down by a speeding car, before being pronounced dead at a veterinary surgery later.

In addition, Family Guy even unveiled a new character in the very same episode – Vinnie, also a dog after the Griffins decide it’s time to replace Brian.

Though Peter, Lois and co. are apparently able to move on from the demise of the lovable alcoholic author, fans in their droves took to micro-social networking site Twitter to complain about the plot.

Severely-irked viewers vented their fury over the decision to axe Brian, while some even questioned if Family Guy is able to continue following his shuffling off the proverbial mortal coil.

To top it all off, a petition to bring back the beloved dog has gone viral with over 120,000 signatures as of this morning.

Indeed, it is fair to say that Brian’s death has not sat well at all with the majority of Family Guy fans.

Particularly when there are other characters in the Family Guy universe more deserving of the chop.

And here, we list 5 Characters We Wished They’d Killed Instead.

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This article was first posted on November 28, 2013